Meet the Ruckus

The Ruddy Ruckus is the best band in all the land! Started in 2012, The Ruckus has evolved from a small time singer-songwriter project to a tour de force garage rock phenom. Jackson Dorie, Patrick Brown, Giordano Modesto and Rob Brown lay down punk, indie and classic rock-inspired riffs and choruses that sound in line with the band’s name. Midrange, buzzsaw guitars act as a kick to the listener’s teeth, while the deep bass and cracking snare drum make up a groove that cannot be ignored. Released through Rob Brown’s indie label, Rocket Launcher Records, the band’s music has gained the attention of a loyal fan base in the Hamilton, ON-area, leading to radio play on Y108 and 101.5 The Hawk. The band is working on new material and is planning a Canadian tour in 2020.

The Ruddy Ruckus is:

Rob Brown – Vocals, Guitar
Jackson Dorie – Lead Guitar
Giordano Modesto – Bass, Vocals
Patrick Brown – Drums

The Ruddy Ruckus is represented by Hammer Artist Management